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Tile roofing great for Orlando Florida high end residences

Choosing a tile roof for your Orlando home

Tile roofing adds an appeal to a house in a way no other roofing material can match. Who has not taken a second look at a gorgeous house with a stunning tile roof? With a perfect match to the architectural style of a fine home, tile roofing makes a statement about how the homeowner feels about his house, his family, and his place in the world. High end residential roofing with clay tile or concrete tile virtually shouts of value, style, durability and natural beauty.

High-end residential tile roofing in Portland MaineTile roofing, most commonly made of concrete tile or clay tile, speaks importantly to the aesthetics of your home and its surroundings. Available in so many colors, styles, textures and design profiles, tile roofing fills almost any high-end residential roofing need. Tile roofing can also be custom-made by the professionals at Premier Roofing to restore or match previous tile roofing on historical buildings. Whether installed on a steep roof slope or a roof with a modest slope, clay tiles and concrete tiles found in tile roofing complete a house design like no other roofing material can.

Tile roofing investment in home

Concrete tiles and clay tiles add decades of protection to your home investment and to the lifespan of your roof, with almost no maintenance or upkeep beyond regular roof inspections and cleaning. Little or no maintenance costs and materials help keep environmental waste down, and save time and money on repairs. Heating and cooling costs for your home are also more efficient as the installation technique takes advantage of a second layer of insulation that the underlying surface and tile surface create with tile roofing.

Tile roofing, because of its longevity, adds to the value of your home for resale or investment purposes.

The curb appeal of a house with a tile roof is a plain fact of real estate attraction.  Houses with tile roofs outsell houses with shingles, houses with tile roofs sell for more than similar houses without tile roofing. Why? Because homebuyers know that a tile roof isn’t only beautiful, it adds decades to the life of the roof.

Fire resistant, tile roofing is also resistant to rot and insects. While some clay tiles and concrete tiles can be heavy and require extra roof support, many new concrete tiles are reinforced with fiber during manufacture to make them a bit lighter.

Premier roofing has the experience and talent to install beautiful new tile roofing

Whether you are installing a roof on your new home, restoring an old home with a new elegance, or simply repairing lost or damaged clay tiles or cement tiles, be sure you hire the most experienced and skilled tile roofing experts you can find. In northern and central Florida, call the tile roofing professionals at Premier Roofing in Orlando Florida. With decades of experience and a team of talented roof installers to back them up, the professionals at Premier Roofing can give you the kind of service you and your home deserve.

For your tile roofing needs, visit Premier Roofing Company to learn more about the company and its services.