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The value of slate roofs in Orlando, Florida

Slate roofs in central FloridaChoosing a roofing expert for your slate roofing

Slate roofs reign supreme in highly humid environments such as that of central Florida. Slate is a sedimentary rock that is formed under volcanic conditions. The origin of slate roofs explains why it is of greater durability and quality than other roofing materials on the market today. Because of their durability and quality, slate roofs are more expensive than other roof materials, but they will last longer and need less replacing and repair than other roofing choices in the long run.

Slate roofs hardier, last longer than other roofs

When a person receives a quote on slate roofs, they are getting a price for the cost of material plus labor and installation. If the material is cheaper or more easily installed, then the price quoted will be cheaper. The quote, however, does not take into account the lifespan and long-term value of the roofing material. An asphalt or wood roof may be a lot less expensive than a slate roof, but in the long run, slate roofs save homeowners money and make good economic sense.

Asphalt roofs and wood roofs have lifespans that are 1/3, or even 1/6, that of a slate roofs. This means that a wood or asphalt roof will need to be replaced 3 to 6 times as often as a slate roof. In general, it is a good idea to remember that the shorter the lifespan of the roofing material, the cheaper the roof. So, a person may purchase a wood roof for less than they were quoted for a slate roof, however, this person may need to replace that wood roof about six times sooner than they would if they had chosen a slate roof. It is plain to see that the cost differential doesn’t make sense and that a person is going to get a far greater value by choosing slate roofs.

If you’re in Orlando or the central Florida area, then choosing slate roofs may be even more critical than in other areas of the country. This is because central Florida is very humid and, consequently, wood or asphalt roofing tends to deteriorate very quickly in such damp atmospheres. Slate roofs, on the other hand, are able to withstand high humidity without decomposing in any way. Slate roofing is a sort of weather proofing for your home. By adding slate roofing to your high end residential unit or large scale commercial unit you can protect your property from fire, rain, hail, heavy winds, and other weather-related problems.

Premier Roofing offers four main types of quality slate roofs: Custom Blend Truslate, Vermont Grey Black Slate, Greystone Truslate, and Dupont Testimonary Trust.  Many times going with the cheapest is not the best, and if you really want to protect the value of your central Florida house, then consider installing slate roofing. Call Premier Roofing, Orlando Florida roofing company, today and let them help you with your roofing installation.