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Weather Conditions In Orlando Demand A Roof That Performs For Your Home Or Business And Premier Roofing Roofers Are Prepared To Build It For You

Orlando is a fabulous place to live and work in and the gorgeous weather is a big part of that. We do get out share of extreme weather, high temperatures, rainstorms, wind and even hail. There are two basic seasons: a hot and rainy summer from May to September and a drier and cooler winter from October to April. Summer temps rise up into the 90’s with plenty of heavy …Read More

Florida Slate Roofing

Florida Slate Roofing May Just Be The Best Investment This Year!  There are many factors to consider before you install a new roof on your residential or commercial property. A new roof is a major investment, but it also can affect the overall look of your property, repair and maintenance requirements over the years and even energy efficiency. Clearly, this is not a decision that you want to rush into, …Read More