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Slate Roofing Repair: What Is Involved And How To Do It

Slate roofing is just about the best looking and most durable roofing system you can get. They have the potential to last from 75-200 years. That doesn’t mean you can just ignore them for decades though. Slate tiles and roof need upkeep and they are prone to damage and deterioration. You can keep care to a minimum if you catch problems early.

When And How To Repair Metal Roofing Yourself

Metal roofs are some of the best, most durable roofing systems available. However, occasionally they do need repairs. They can sustain damage from storms, weather, trees, and other unforeseen events. For large repairs, like entire sheet panel repairs, or very large holes (from falling trees, for example) you should call a roofing repair professional. But for smaller repairs to metal roofing like small holes or rust spots, you can do …Read More

Weather Conditions In Orlando Demand A Roof That Performs For Your Home Or Business And Premier Roofing Roofers Are Prepared To Build It For You

Orlando is a fabulous place to live and work in and the gorgeous weather is a big part of that. We do get out share of extreme weather, high temperatures, rainstorms, wind and even hail. There are two basic seasons: a hot and rainy summer from May to September and a drier and cooler winter from October to April. Summer temps rise up into the 90’s with plenty of heavy …Read More

A History of Roofing

A roof is the covering of a building or shelter. It provides protection from animals and weather: rain, heat, wind and sunlight. The elements of a roof (what is is made out of and the shape of it) is dependant on the purpose of the building it covers. A porch or verandah may be roofed with material that protects from sunlight but not rain or snow. The roof of a …Read More