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Clay Tile Roofing in Orlando by Premier Roofing, Inc.

Think of all the important things that you keep under your roof. Your family, pets, and memories are probably at the top of that list. Next may be appliances, tools, furniture, food, and other necessities. Now consider the myriad threats to your roof. Clay Tile Roofing in Orlando is required to survive severe abuse from Mother Nature. Hurricanes come yearly and vary in destruction and strength. High wind and hailstorms …Read More

Why you should choose standing metal seam roofing for your Orlando commercial purpose buildings, and why that should influence your choice of contractor.

The top reasons why commercial buildings should have standing metal seam roofing are: They offer a sleek industrial look that will be aesthetically pleasing for your commercial building. They are designed for high performance against intense weather such as hale, wind, and rain, which, here in Orlando, we’ve been known to have! Once installed, they require minimal maintenance. Few seams lead to reduced risk of leaks and other problems that …Read More

When disaster strikes you need a professional Orlando roofer

Well, I used to have a shingled roof, emphasis on the used to. It was like that longtime relationship that you stay in more because you’re comfortable in it than because it makes you exceptionally happy. I didn’t think my roof was particularly nice to look at, but I never really thought about. For me, a roof was just something that was on top of my house. That is, until …Read More