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When And How To Repair Metal Roofing Yourself

Metal roofs are some of the best, most durable roofing systems available. However, occasionally they do need repairs. They can sustain damage from storms, weather, trees, and other unforeseen events. For large repairs, like entire sheet panel repairs, or very large holes (from falling trees, for example) you should call a roofing repair professional. But for smaller repairs to metal roofing like small holes or rust spots, you can do …Read More

How to clean your metal roof

Owning a home can be a sense of pride for you and your family. When others are passing your house or coming to visit, you want them to see how well you are taking care of the inside and outside. When caring for the outside of your house, start with your metal roof. Before you even get the ladder out, asses the current condition.

Metal Roofing – Why Metal?

For a long time, your only option for low cost roofing materials was asphalt shingles or…asphalt shingles. Any other choices were very expensive-tile, clay or slate. Not long ago, metal roofs were only a figment of the imagination in the minds of average homeowners. Most were confined to commercial buildings or very cool, avant-garde residential structures. Now, you’re seeing them pop up on every block. Metal roofs are somewhat more …Read More