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Slate roofs sitting high on Orlando Florida rooftops

Choosing a slate roof for your home

In Orlando Florida, slate roofs are fast becoming the covering of choice for homeowners with upscale tastes and property designs. The distinguished appearance of split, natural stone in grays, greens, purples, blacks or reds, slate offers a durability and stability that blends so well with beauty and elegance. When maintained properly, slate roofs may last 150 years or even longer. Natural stone is resistant to fire, weather and wear.

Slate roofing is cost effective

Slate roofing in central FloridaSlate roofing is the ultimate in durability. Slate can be considered a once in a lifetime roofing solution, because if slate roofing is well-maintained slate roofs can last over a hundred years. Slate roofs gained popularity for large residential estates in the United States during the early 1900s. Since then, the cost of slate roofing has actually decreased with the use of modern mining and processing methods. It is fireproof, and with its tremendous weight, resists powerful winds.

Slate roofing an excellent choice for central Florida

Because of the humid conditions of central Florida, slate roofs are an excellent choice for protecting your Orlando Florida home estate. Slate roofs, unlike wood or asphalt, do not deteriorate in dampness, and are able to withstand high humidity without weakening in any way. In fact, slate roofing is a sort of weather proofing for your home. When you have Premier Roofing install a slate roof, you protect your property from fire, rain, hail, heavy winds, and other weather-related problems.

Installation of slate roofs

The installation of slate roofing requires special skill and craftsmanship, and must only be completed by experienced and professional slate roofing installers. Because of its weight and underlayment requirements, slate roofing must be very carefully installed; and, depending on several factors including roof design and slope, deck preparation, framing and flashing requirements, slate roofs require specific installation methods. Slate should not be walked upon carelessly, as it may shatter.

Slate roof qualities

Slate roofing tiles are ideal for steep roofs on estate and heritage buildings. Buildings in fire-prone areas benefit from the fire-resistance of slate roofing. With a class A fire rating, and high resistance to wind, slate roofs are a safer bet for protection during severe storm events. While slate roofing shingles are considered to be the most expensive of roofing options, at approximately three times the cost of most high-end roofing options because of installation costs, durability and longevity mitigate the costs. Slate roofing shingles are a naturally sound choice for roofing which offers long life, durability, and environmentally attuned beauty. The installation of slate roofing requires a high degree of skill and should only be undertaken by professional installers. At Premier Roofing in Orlando Florida, you can count on the expertise of craftsmen who are trained and experienced in the installation of slate roofs.