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Slate roofs are here to stay on Orlando Florida residences

Choosing a slate roof

Slate roofs have been around, literally, for hundreds of years in northern and central Florida. Now, with new waterproofing underlayment materials making natural slate roofing lighter, more and more homeowners are choosing the ultimate in beauty and durability for their high-end residential roofing needs.

Slate roofs a permanent statement of quality

Slate roofs in Orlando FloridaThere is a very good reason banks, universities, churches, and governments have historically opted for slate roofing on their buildings; slate roofs are aesthetically pleasing, greatly adding to the beauty of a well-designed building, and slate roofs project an air of stability and permanence. It naturally follows that slate roofing is also a good choice for high-end residential roofing material, and it’s one of the reasons Premier Roofing continues to offer this quality roofing material to customers in central Florida.

Slate roofing the ultimate in durability

Historical buildings from the 18th century attest to the longevity of slate roofs. Slate roofs are virtually impervious to the elements because they are waterproof, fireproof, resistant to wind and hail, resistant to algae and moss, and because they are a natural material, they are ultimately perfectly recyclable.

New installation techniques allow wider usage

Centuries ago, covering a roof with heavy slate meant building in extra support throughout the entire construction process. The reason those slate roofs were so heavy is that they carried twice as much weight as you could actually see. To maintain water tightness, slate shingles needed to overlap at least by half. Modern installation techniques make good use of man-made roof underlayment materials, which take care of those waterproofing issues while adding virtually no extra weight at all! Structural strength as outlined in your local building code should be all your new Orlando home needs to support a gorgeous slate roof that you can enjoy, well, for the rest of your natural born days.

Wide variety of slate roofing options

Slate roofs, like those built with other materials, offer many different options with regard to color, depending on the geographical origin of the slate itself. Most roof slate in the United States comes from New England and the Eastern Seaboard, in a wide range of colors including black, gray, blue-black, purple, green, sea green and red. Modern machining techniques offer options in thickness, shape, and dimension, which can be designed to complement the architectural style of your home.

Slate roofs belong on your list of talking points when discussing the construction of a new home with your architect and building contractor. Up front materials and installation costs may be higher than other roofing options, but slate roofing is second to none for beauty and durability, and when you consider the costs:benefits ratio of slate roofing, it more than pays for itself over time. A very, very long time. Contact Premier Roofing, Orlando Florida roofing company, for more information on how slate roofs are making sure new high end residences in northern and central Florida stand the test of time!