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Rats and mice in the attic cause concern over roof damage in Orlando Florida

Do you have roof damage due to varmits?

Was it rats and mice in the attic you heard early this morning while lying in your central Florida bed? Rats and mice in the attic or varmints on the roof are not the kinds of things you like listening to before breakfast. Visions of roof damage, and thoughts of having to call in pest control, are an even more unwelcome beginning to the day.

Rats and mice in the attic? No problem!

Roof damage caused by varmints in central FloridaThe good news is, if you heard them in early morning, you probably were not hearing rats and mice in the attic. In fact, you were probably hearing squirrels. Late winter is when gray squirrels mate, and come early spring, you may be hearing the pitter patter of little squirrel feet. You may hear that pitter patter again in mid-summer, too, if mama squirrel likes her central Florida accommodations.

The idea of having squirrels in the attic and on the roof does create less of a shudder factor than having rats and mice in the attic or other varmints on the roof. But squirrels do present a serious problem for homeowners.  You hear them skittering above your head and across your roof. The noises squirrels make will surely annoy you, but their noise is hardly your biggest worry. You may end up having to call the trustworthy roofers at Premier Roofing in Orlando to come and fix the holes they leave behind!

Interior damage and roof damage

Squirrels must constantly chew in order to keep their incisors from full growth, which could be as much as six inches per year. They chew through anything. Structural wood, aluminum, insulation, shingles, vents and electrical wires are no problem for them. Squirrels are adaptable in their use of nesting material and see no problem using insulation, vapor barrier, wood, drywall or paper.  Squirrel nests tend to be large, dry, and very messy, and often are spread over several feet along a vent pipe or in an attic. The combination of dry nests and chewed electrical wires create a major fire hazard. Multiply the problem times five or six squirrel pups, and it all adds up to major building damages plus a fire hazard in your Orlando home.

What should I do about squirrels in the attic and on the roof?

First of all, they need to be trapped, and there are several different kinds of humane traps available. Pest control services abound in the Orlando Florida area, and many of them specialize in the humane removal of wildlife. Some of them advertise doing roof repair work and putting up squirrel guards once the critters have been eradicated. You may want to leave roof repair and the problem of repairing critter entrance holes into your home to the professionals.

If you want to be sure the problem of varmints on the roof will not recur, have the professional roofers at Premier Roofing in central Florida make certain the critter entrance holes have been closed and sufficient steps have been taken to discourage future invasions.

Rats and mice in the attic, or squirrels in the attic and on the roof, whatever the cause of your roof damage, it is fine to have pest control come to take care of the critters, but be sure to have your roof repaired by professional roofers. For the very best in roof repair, call the roofing experts at Premier Roofing, Orlando Florida roofing company, and complete their service request today. Find out how easy it is to keep your home free of squirrels in the attic and varmints on the roof, and from rats and mice in the attic, too!