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Do you need an Orlando Roofing Contractor?

Orlando Roofing ContractorWhen you discover you have a leak in your clay, tile, concrete or metal roof, you need an experts advice and experience to fix the problem. These types of roofing problems are generally not do-it-yourself repairs. When homeowners buy a home with a metal or tile roof, or have one installed on a home they already own, they expect it to last a lifetime. And they will. But, repairs are sometimes necessary because of weather damage, accidents or age.

Sources of Failure

Well-made clay, cement and slate roofing tiles are extremely durable; most will last over a century under most conditions. If you discover a leak, it is most likely because of:

  • failure of metal flashings
  • failure of the metal fasteners
  • a few broken tiles caused by careless roofers, cascading ice, etc.

Metal roofs properly installed will also last a century or more. There are original metal roofs in Europe that are over 600 years old and still in excellent shape. If a leak is discovered in your metal roof, it is most likely because of:

  • failure at the seams where the metal panels meet
  • rust and corrosion from the protective coating wearing off
  • metal fastener failure (nails, screws or clips that are not copper or galvanized)

You will know you have a leak by discovering water damage to your interior walls or ceilings. If you have damage with the wood trim or the soffit and fascia of your home, suspect a leaky roof.

Fixing the Problem

Orlando Roofing ContractorYou will need to call a competent, reliable roofing contractor if you want the repairs done right and covered with a warranty. A warranty for a repair will usually last the lifetime of the original roof. A contractor will be able to diagnose the problem, usually find the source of the leak and give you a total cost of the repair before any work is started. This consultation will not cost any money.
If you live in Orlando, Florida, or any of the outlying areas around Orlando, the roofing contractor to call for your roofing problems is Premier Roofing. Craig Anderson founded Premier Roofing, Inc. in 1995 after working in the roofing industry for many years, and now has more than 65 employees. Based in Orlando, Florida, Premier Roofing, Inc. serves Central and North Florida. We specialize in clay, cement and slate tile and we also install and repair metal roofs. For quality, integrity and very competitive pricing, just call Craig at Premier Roofing.



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About Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson, Orlando and Central Florida based roofer, has been involved in the roof tile industry for over 26 years. His career started as a concrete tile manufacturer’s representative, learning about the production and service of concrete products. Working for a large supplier for 14 years, allowed an opportunity to be exposed to all roofing materials, including metal roofing in Orlando, with a concentrated effort on hard roofing products. An expertise in product knowledge and installation technique, gained him a large customer base. Premier Roofing was a very large long-term customer and when offered an opportunity to be part of the installation process, he accepted his next challenge. Proud to be part of the Florida Roofing and Sheetmetal Association, he has participated in the “TRI/FRSA Concrete and Clay Installation Guidelines”. My Google Profile+