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I asked Premier Roofing in Orlando to reroof my home with tile!

A documentation of Premier Roofing’s historical reroofing project.

Expert tile roofer for my Orlando Florida home

The decision to reroofmy home with tile has proven an excellent way to improve the look and value of mycentral Floridaresidence. The curb appeal has been instantly elevated, the re-roofing process eliminatedleaks and other wear and tear problems, and best of all, thenew tile roofing comes with a 50 year guarantee!

Reroof my home with tile

When I did research on new high end residential roofing for my home, I learned that replacement roofsaccount for three-quarters of all roofing projects, largely because traditional roofing materials like asphalt shingles and wood shakes have a life-cycle of about 20 years. I also found out that while tile roofs do tend to weigh a bit more than other roofing material, building codes that regulate my high end residential roofing,and also control large scale commercial projects, can easily accommodate tile roofing materials.As with all central Florida reroofing projects, permits must be granted, and tile roofing is readilyapproved by city building boards when the existing roof framing system can support the additional weight of a tile covering.

Tile roofs pay for themselves in the long term

When considering a roofing product for a reroof, life-cycle costs should be taken into account. As a general rule, concrete tile roofs cost much less than slate, about two times more than wood shakes, and approximately three times more than heavy-weight asphalt shingles. Clay roof tiles cost slightly more than concrete. Compared to other roofing materials, both concrete and clay tile can outlast the life of a structure,making tile a cost effective choice over the long-term. For both high end residential roofing and for large scale commercial roofing projects, tile roofs elevate the bottom line to quality where quality counts.

Use an expert tile roofer

A tile roof is a permanent roof which can be expected to outlast the structure it protects. To ensure its longevity,skilled craftsmen and quality materials are required for proper installation. Expert tile roofers like those at Premier Roofing in Orlando Florida are your best bet for ensuring proper installation techniques and quality materials which provide the protection your roof is supposed to deliver.

Tile roofs offer a new look to old style

No longer limited to round and red, clay tiles and concrete tiles are manufactured in many styles, colors, and shape profiles. The many options I saw when I decided to reroof my home with tile were amazing! Tiles can resemble hand-split cedar shakes, and even slate roofing. Tile roofs, in all their incarnations, look as beautiful on single private residences as they do on large scale commercial sites.

Tile roof maintenance and durability

Under normal conditions, tile roofs require minimal maintenance, usually restricted to gutters, and venting or protrusion flashings. With proper installation by expert tile roofers, tile roofing systems remain one of the most durable and cost-effective options in high wind climates around the world. Tile roofing systems are wind-tunnel tested to ensure performance in 125 mph wind conditions. Both concrete and clay roof tiles have Class A fire-ratings, which mean they are non-combustible.

I am glad I asked Premier Roofing in Orlando to reroof my home with tile. The expert tile roofers knew just what to do with my old roofing materials, ensured my house can sustain the weight of tile roofing, handled decking and framing requirements, delivered quality craftsmanship and excellent materials that are suitable for my central Florida weather needs , and provided a myriad of other professional services, including taking care of building permits and clean-up. If you are considering having your home reroofed with tile, visit www.PremierRoofingFlorida.com to learn more about tile roofing from the best. The expert tile roofers at Premier Roofing are well-trained, and hold years of experience in both roof tile installation and tile repair. Premier Roofing made it a pleasure for me to reroof my home with tile.