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Florida Slate Roofing

Florida Slate Roofing

Florida Slate Roofing May Just Be The Best Investment This Year!

There are many factors to consider before you install a new roof on your residential or commercial property. A new roof is a major investment, but it also can affect the overall look of your property, repair and maintenance requirements over the years and even energy efficiency. Clearly, this is not a decision that you want to rush into, and you need the expert guidance of a skilled roofing company to help you explore all of your options in more detail. Since 1995, Premier Roofing has been one of the most trusted roofing companies that residents across central and northern Florida and beyond have turned to for their roofing needs.

Commercial and high-end residential property owners alike often consider premium roofing materials for their properties. Florida slate roofing is one of the most coveted and desirable materials that property owners are selecting because of its distinctive look. This material is available in various colors, so it may be ideal for your property. By contacting Premier Roofing today, you can schedule an appointment to meet with a knowledgeable member of our roofing team. Through this meeting, you can explore the different materials options and can learn more about the benefits associated with this material.

Get The Professional Look and Durability of a Standing Seam Metal Roof in Windermere



Windermere Metal RoofsWindermere metal roofs are another popular option because they are stylish and have relatively low maintenance requirements. They also have a considerably lengthy life when they are properly maintained, so the installation of Windermere metal roofs may be a true investment. Whether you are torn between a metal or slate roof or you want to explore other options like concrete, clay tiles or other materials for your roof, our team of roofing experts can walk you through the entire process. We can help you to learn more about the benefits, maintenance needs and installation costs for all of the materials that you are interested in, and we can bring samples of the materials to the meeting for you to review.

At Premier Roofing, we are dedicated to providing you with a quality roof and to your complete satisfaction. Call us today to learn more about our roof installation services in Florida.

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About Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson, Orlando and Central Florida based roofer, has been involved in the roof tile industry for over 26 years. His career started as a concrete tile manufacturer’s representative, learning about the production and service of concrete products. Working for a large supplier for 14 years, allowed an opportunity to be exposed to all roofing materials, including metal roofing in Orlando, with a concentrated effort on hard roofing products. An expertise in product knowledge and installation technique, gained him a large customer base. Premier Roofing was a very large long-term customer and when offered an opportunity to be part of the installation process, he accepted his next challenge. Proud to be part of the Florida Roofing and Sheetmetal Association, he has participated in the “TRI/FRSA Concrete and Clay Installation Guidelines”. My Google Profile+