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Concrete tiles roofs offer strength and beauty in central Florida

Concrete tiles are a popular choice for Orlando homes

Concrete tile roofs are guaranteed to last at least 50 years, and are a popular choice for homeowners and business owners in northern and central Florida. With a broad variety of styles, colors and textures from which to choose, concrete tile roofing offers beauty, versatility, and longevity far beyond roofing materials of comparable price.

Use expert cement tile roofers

Concrete tile roofs central FloridaWhen choosing concrete tiles for their beauty, practicality, and style, you should also consider that concrete tile roofs must be installed on your Orlando Florida home by expert tile roofers.  The skills and craftsmanship of professional roofers at Premier Roofing ensure your tile roof lives up to your expectations. Quality workmanship and quality materials are essential components of any roofing system, and when it comes to your roof, quality where quality counts is important. Proper attachment of roof underlayment, positioning of the batten system to which the tiles are anchored, and installation of flashing, are all vital to the performance of your concrete tile roof.

Concrete tile roof advantages

Concrete tile roofing is made of sand, cement and water, and generally fiber reinforced for lighter overall weight. With an extremely long life cycle, commonly outlasting the building they protect, concrete tiles are extremely cost efficient. Also, concrete tiles have a Class A fire rating, and are resistant to damage from hail. They also stand up well to high winds over 125 mph, wind speeds that easily strip off most other roofing material under extreme weather events.

Tile roof leaks

If your Orlando Florida tile roof seems to be leaking, be sure to have a qualified tile roofing contractor investigate the cause. A tile roof, especially a smooth concrete tile roof, can be dangerously slippery when wet, and the tiles can break if carelessly walked on.  Expert tile roofers stand a better chance of finding the source of a leak than amateur roof repairmen, having the ability to assess whether battens, flashing and underlayment have been properly installed. Because tile roofs more prone than some other roofing materials to moisture penetration from wind-driven rain, and because water runs downhill until it reaches an improperly installed batten, finding leaks can prove difficult if battens have been applied directly to underlayment.

Timely roof inspection service

Severe storm events with high winds and driving rain stress the importance of a regular roof inspection and maintenance program for tile roofs. The expert tile roofers at Premier Roofing of Orlando Florida offer an inspection and maintenance service in which your concrete tile roof is surveyed for damage to ensure that tiles are properly secured, that there is no accumulation of debris in the valleys, or moss growth which can create a water damming problem. Many tile roof owners schedule regular inspections before and after storm seasons, as well as directly after severe storm events.

Concrete tile roofs are a popular choice in northern and central Florida for both high-end residential roofing and for large-scale commercial use, as evidenced by repeat business enjoyed by the expert tile roofers at Premier Roofing in Orlando Florida. Talk to qualified experts to learn more about how a concrete tile roof can protect your home.