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How to clean your metal roof

Repair Metal Roofing

Owning a home can be a sense of pride for you and your family. When others are passing your house or coming to visit, you want them to see how well you are taking care of the inside and outside. When caring for the outside of your house, start with your metal roof. Before you even get the ladder out, asses the current condition.

  • Do you have several layers of paint that may need to be scraped off and reapplied?
  • Are there any parts of your roof that need to be replaced?
  • Do you have the proper tools?

Orlando Metal roofWhen you are ready to clean your metal roof, make safety your first priority. Wear a safety belt and tie it to something secure. Have good shoes and maintain firm footing.

When scraping off paint that is peeling or cracking, make sure that you don’t damage your roof any further; don’t use metal tools. Instead, use a wire brush or a flat-blade putty knife to remove the paint. When you are ready to wash off mold and mildew, go to your local paint or hardware store and pick up TSP or tri-sodium phosphate. Mix a ½ cup of TSP per gallon of water in a bucket on your roof. Using a soft brush, wetted in the solution, scrub the areas on your roof that have mold or mildew. Be patient and allow the solution to work, then rinse it off. If needed, you can repeat this step until the area is clear. You may also use a pressure washer to remove dirt and debris from your metal roof. Start from the top and maintain a constant distance between your roof and sprayer tip to avoid damaging your roof. After your roof is dry, it’s time to touch up the paint. Apply primer first to help deter corrosion. When the primer is dry, use smooth movements with a brush to assure consistent paint coverage.

If you make cleaning and caring for your metal roof a yearly habit, your home will continue to be the pride of your family.

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