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Clay Tile Roofing in Orlando by Premier Roofing, Inc.

Orlando Clay Tile Roofing

Think of all the important things that you keep under your roof. Your family, pets, and memories are probably at the top of that list. Next may be appliances, tools, furniture, food, and other necessities. Now consider the myriad threats to your roof. Clay Tile Roofing in Orlando is required to survive severe abuse from Mother Nature. Hurricanes come yearly and vary in destruction and strength. High wind and hailstorms can chip away at your roof with each storm. You are you confident that your roof can withstand all that blows your way and keep what is inside safe? Make sure your clay tile roofing in Orlando is installed and done right by Premier Roofing, Inc.

Clay Tile Roofing in Orlando is not the only type of roofing available. Premier Roofing, Inc. installs and repairs metal, slate, and concrete tile roofing as well. Let’s go through all the roofing errors that can occur by choosing a less-than-great installer.

Common Roofing Mistakes

Orlando Clay Tile RoofingClay tile roofing in Orlando is becoming a popular roof options for several reasons. It’s durable, fire-resistant, and environment friendly. When installed correctly, it also adds to the design and aesthetic quality to your home. Understand the type of structure you need before installing. Clay tiles are considerable heavier than other types of roofing and need to be set at a certain pitch. Without the proper frame for support and a pitch greater than 4 inches, you could have a lot more to repair than just a tile or two.

Metal Roofing is a very resilient roof choice that is also fire resistant and waterproof. Before it is installed your current roof deck should be checked for any signs to dry rot or water damage. The metal roof will expand and contract and, without proper installment, the roofing can break loose and create gaps that will allow moisture to seep in and damage your deck.

Slate Roofing has the reputation of lasting up to 150 years. This lifespan only holds true if you use the right type of slate and have it installed correctly. Common mistakes include not installing the right type and the gauge of flashing. Flashing keeps water from entering your roof and requires some training and experience from the installer to guarantee your roof will be leak-proof.

Concrete tile roofing has the same reputation as slate roofing in durability, but nature is an unforgiving mistress. Tile replacement and repair should be performed by a trustworthy company. Broken concrete tiles should be replaced carefully as not to cause more damage to surrounding tiles. It is common to find a broken tile surrounded by damaged or broken tiles that also need replacing. Improper weight distribution when moving around on a tile roof may cause further damage or result in personal injury.

Let Premier Roofing, Inc. shelter you from stress by making sure your roof was installed and repaired correctly. We understand the environment we live in and what makes a roof last a lifetime. We’ll treat your family like our own and keep them safe under your roof.

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About Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson, Orlando and Central Florida based roofer, has been involved in the roof tile industry for over 26 years. His career started as a concrete tile manufacturer’s representative, learning about the production and service of concrete products. Working for a large supplier for 14 years, allowed an opportunity to be exposed to all roofing materials, including metal roofing in Orlando, with a concentrated effort on hard roofing products. An expertise in product knowledge and installation technique, gained him a large customer base. Premier Roofing was a very large long-term customer and when offered an opportunity to be part of the installation process, he accepted his next challenge. Proud to be part of the Florida Roofing and Sheetmetal Association, he has participated in the “TRI/FRSA Concrete and Clay Installation Guidelines”. My Google Profile+