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Tile roof leak, Orlando FL

Tile Roof Leak, Orlando Florida homeowner A property owner reports a  tile roof  leak. His roof had a leaking issue along with other problems. Premier Roofing was quick to respond to the report and inspected the property for the possible causes. If you think your tile roof or other types of roof has sustained damages, do not hesitate calling an expert roofer. Premier Roofing can inspect your roof and do …Read More

Metal roofs top residential and business property in Orlando

Is a metal roof right for me? If you think a metal roof would not be a good fit for your high end residence or your large scale commercial establishment in central Florida, think again. Ametal roofcan duplicate virtually all styles of standard roofing materials; it functions as well or better than traditional roofing materials; and metal roofs maintain their beauty, undiminished, for many years.  Not only is metal roofing …Read More