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I asked Premier Roofing in Orlando to reroof my home with tile!

A documentation of Premier Roofing’s historical reroofing project. Expert tile roofer for my Orlando Florida home The decision to reroofmy home with tile has proven an excellent way to improve the look and value of mycentral Floridaresidence. The curb appeal has been instantly elevated, the re-roofing process eliminatedleaks and other wear and tear problems, and best of all, thenew tile roofing comes with a 50 year guarantee! Reroof my home …Read More

Concrete tiles roofs offer strength and beauty in central Florida

Concrete tiles are a popular choice for Orlando homes Concrete tile roofs are guaranteed to last at least 50 years, and are a popular choice for homeowners and business owners in northern and central Florida. With a broad variety of styles, colors and textures from which to choose, concrete tile roofing offers beauty, versatility, and longevity far beyond roofing materials of comparable price. Use expert cement tile roofers When choosing …Read More

Ancient barrel tile roofing a modern hit in central Florida

The appeal of a barrel tile roof Barrel tile roofs adorn many Spanish mission style buildings such as those seen in northern and central Florida.This roof system is constructed with semi-cylindrical roof tiles laid in an interlocking pattern, in which tiles curving downwards fit into the upward curve of a second tile. Most commonly referred to as Spanish Tile or Double Roman tile, the barrel tile roof design has been …Read More

Tile roof repair by the experts in Orlando Florida

Repairing your Orlando tile roof Tile roof repair was not on your mind when you opted to install tile roofing on your central Florida home, for sure. After all, one of the main attractions of tile roofing is its low maintenance and durability. Although initial installation costs can be more expensive than asphalt or wood shake roof systems, roof tile repair or replacement is delayed long past the need of …Read More

Clay tile roofs crown new Orlando Florida contemporary homes

Clay tile roofs are beautiful for Orlando Homes A clay tile roof sitting beautifully atop a lovely high-end residence in Orlando Florida is the kind of thing you see on the covers of architectural magazines, and on design brochures at your local home and building supply outlet. There is no denying that a clay tile roof, in the familiar terra cotta earth tones so prevalent in Spanish mission and southwest …Read More

The value of slate roofs in Orlando, Florida

Choosing a roofing expert for your slate roofing Slate roofs reign supreme in highly humid environments such as that of central Florida. Slate is a sedimentary rock that is formed under volcanic conditions. The origin of slate roofs explains why it is of greater durability and quality than other roofing materials on the market today. Because of their durability and quality, slate roofs are more expensive than other roof materials, …Read More

Tile and Metal roofing companies for central Florida homeowners

Finding a tile and metal roofing expert for your Orlando home High end residential roofing choices for homebuilders, such as Premier Roofing, in the areas of northern and central Florida run the gamut of an impressive range of materials and styles. Whether your new home will be colonial, neo-colonial, Mediterranean, neo-Mediterranean, eclectic, neo-eclectic, modern, post-modern, or whatever architectural style you like, put quality where it counts. Quality high end residential …Read More

Rats and mice in the attic cause concern over roof damage in Orlando Florida

Do you have roof damage due to varmits? Was it rats and mice in the attic you heard early this morning while lying in your central Florida bed? Rats and mice in the attic or varmints on the roof are not the kinds of things you like listening to before breakfast. Visions of roof damage, and thoughts of having to call in pest control, are an even more unwelcome beginning …Read More

Large scale commercial roofing companies in Orlando

Consult the expert for your large scale roofing projects For Premier Roofing in Orlando Florida, large scale commercial roofing is a big part of their business plan. As one of the premier roofing companies in central Florida, pun intended, Premier Roofing stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to maintaining high standards of materials and workmanship. If you look at the scope of large scale commercial roofing …Read More

Roof water damage repaired by skillful experts in Orlando Florida

Repairing your roof due to water damage Water damage inside your home or business in central Florida comes with all sorts of collateral problems. There is, of course, repair or replacement of damaged furniture and repair of ceilings and walls, restoration damage, and then there is all the business of finding and repairing the source of your inside water damage. ¬†Roof damage is usually the cause of water leakage problems, …Read More