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Ancient barrel tile roofing a modern hit in central Florida

The appeal of a barrel tile roof

Barrel tile roofs adorn many Spanish mission style buildings such as those seen in northern and central Florida.This roof system is constructed with semi-cylindrical roof tiles laid in an interlocking pattern, in which tiles curving downwards fit into the upward curve of a second tile. Most commonly referred to as Spanish Tile or Double Roman tile, the barrel tile roof design has been around for centuries.

Barrel tile roofs in central FloridaBarrel roof tiles are especially effective in draining water from a roof because of their unique structural design. As with all tile shapes, barrel tile roofing allows for overlapping and interlocking; and the tiles are hung in parallel rows from the roof framework. Besides stunning beauty, the advantages of tile roofs include important features such as fire safety, non-combustibility, and durability.

Spanish roof tiling, or barrel tile roofing, is both dramatic and graceful, with its multi-dimensional wavy look which is clean-looking, smooth, and versatile. Because of new manufacturing techniques and composite materials used today, barrel roof tiles are a great fit for many types of construction styles in high-end residential roofing and large-scale commercial use in the Orlando Florida area.

Contemporary barrel tile roofs

Barrel roof tiles and concrete barrel tile roofing, are available from trusted roofers like Premier Roofing, in a wide array of patterns and finishes. When you consider the color blending options and architectural styles on the market today, you will see that barrel tile roofs can have diverse looks. For homeowners and business owners wanting durable, long lasting and reliable protection for a highly sloped roof, barrel tile roofs are an ideal solution. Lower sloped roofs generally require a waterproofing underlayment to take care of water problems which do not occur with a sloped roof, but both roof styles are well suited to barrel roof tiles, because it is designed to protect all shapes and angles of roof construction.

Barrel roofing is strong as a Rock

Quality barrel tile roofing is manufactured in clay, concrete, plastic composites, and metal. Plastic barrel tile roofing, concrete barrel tile roofing, and metal barrel tile roofing all are made of incombustible materials which have a low moisture absorption rate and which are hard to break. These barrel tile roofs generally carry a 75 year limited warranty and a 20 year prime warranty, which covers replacement costs for the first 20 years after installation, labor included. This long life cycle gives barrel tile roofs a low lifetime cost. Another advantage of barrel tile roofs is that they require no serious maintenance, when used under normal conditions, as evidenced by the thousands of ancient Asian temples still standing and still being protected by this exemplary roofing design. Periodic checks of the entire roof system by a high-end residential roof contractor like Premier Roofing are usually required, but the barrel roof tiles are sturdy.

If you are interested in beautifying your home or business with a barrel tile roof system, contact the tile roof professionals at Premier Roofing in Orlando Florida. They can show you options of composition and color that may convince you that barrel tile roofing is just what you need for your quality high-end residence or for your business.